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The Mysterious 2012 London Olympics

During my 50+ years living on this earth, I have been an aficianadoof the Olympics; especially the summer games. Memories manifested within my head include 1972's seven gold medals in swimming put up by Mark Spitz for team USA. Then there was Dave Wottle during the Munich Olympics of 1972, bursting past two Kenyans in the 800 meter race on the last lap to achieve first place. How can I possibly forget the 1992 U.S. basketball Dream Team which featured NBA athletes in that venue for the first time. Led by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird, America's squad taught the world who played the best hoops.
Back in 2005, London was awarded the rights to host this year's Olympic contests. Soon thereafter, that large U.K. metropolis began planning, organizing and constructing in anticipation of the July 27th opening ceremonies. As various components of that endeavor have come to fruition, however, many of them carry an air of mystery and controversy.
The mascots for the 2012 Games are far from cuddly and instead quite scary, the lights adorning the main Olympic Stadium bear a striking resemblance to the Illuminati pyramid featured on U.S. dollar bills, and the logo itself is, well....puzzling. Conspiracy theorists draw a compelling and passionate connection between these mysterious Olympic icons and the allegedly, London-based secret organizations including the Freemasons, Illuminati and even the British Royal Family.[1,2,3,4]
Whether you adhere to the theory that the Illuminati ('enlightened ones') exists, information flowing about in our culture seems to indicate that a significant segment of our populance does. Let's take a look at the possible existence of this secretive society.
Freemasonry Symbol with Pyramid and Eye
Freemasonry Symbol with Pyramid and Eye

Illuminati Lore

Within the Illuminati conspiratorial community, experts David Icke and Fritz Springmeier are well-received and often-cited. The authors/lecturers combined have published numerous books and given a myriad of recorded presentations on the topic. These works can easily be accessed via YouTube or internet searches.[5,6]
According to Springmeier and Icke, the Illuminati first took shape under the direction of Mayer Amshel Rothschild, and a covert ring of 13 European aristocratic families, back in 1776. Their base of operations was London's Inner City district, which today due to global banks and other businesses, is reported to be the wealthiest real estate on earth. Wealthy families with names such as DuPont, Oppenheimer, Schiff, Warburg and, of course, Rothschild initiated a master plan for world dominance and financial control. Citing work by Icke and Springmeier, the blessing of the British Royal Family was given to this sinister band of the well-to-do, and that cooperation continues on even to this day.[5,6]
Icke, Springmeier and other Illuminati scholars point out that as of the mid-20th Century, the global elitists had established three worldwide power bases encompassing religious (Vatican), military (Washington, D.C.) and financial (London's Inner City) control.[5,6] Interestingly enough, all three of these alleged power hubs do actually exist as separate entities, cocooned within city-states. These bases operate autonomously from the countries they lay within; complete with their own flags, laws and minimal taxation.
An example of this power would be NM Rothschild and Sons, tucked in London's Inner City. It is one of the largest and most influential banks in the world, and reportedly manages the vast trillions of pounds in assets maintained by the British Royal Family. The Oppenheimer, Schiff and Warburg families' names also dominate the realm of global, 21st Century finance. One recent manifestation of this fact is that Peter Oppenheimer currently sits as Apple Corporation's Chief Financial Officer.
With respect to the Rothschild banking dynasty, one illustration of their tentacles is the fact that from September, 1919 until June of 2004, worldwide gold prices were set daily at the offices of NM Rothschild and Sons in London. The chairmanship of the gold panel was held by a family member up until recently; now that position rotates annually outside of the Rothschild tree. London's Barclays Bank, heavily influenced by the Rothschilds, now oversees the gold market pricing.[7] The Rothschilds also assist in running the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and probably the U.S. Federal Reserve.[5,6,]
Based upon the words of Icke and Springmeier, the Illuminati's inner circle is dominated by the Rothschilds. The same is true for England's Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II is currently the head of that bloodline. She just celebrated her 50th year on the throne, or Diamond Jubilee, during 2012. Prince Charles is heir to the Queen's position and the family fortune, which is rumored to be managed by the Rothschilds.
The Illuminati pyramid, with its all-seeing eye replacing the capstone, is well chronicled by conspiratists around the world. According to some, that ocular symbol represents the Eye of Horus or Ra. Those gods originated in ancient Egypt and were synonymous with royal power. Once separate, these two pagan deities are now one according to scholars.[8]
Freemasonry allegedly established its worldwide heardquarters at London's Freemason's Hall located in Great Queen Street (Inner City district) and did so around 1775.[9] The same pyramid and Eye of Horus used by the Illuminati adorns numerous Masonic buildings, can be viewed in paintings of Freemason George Washington, on his Masonic apron and medallion, and is apparent in other societal artifacts. One artist's painting of Washington shows him laying the cornerstone of our U.S. Capital Building on September 18, 1793, wearing his full Masonic regalia.[9] The Illuminati pyramid is featured prominently within his garb.
According to Icke and Springmeier, most rank-and-file Freemasons are harmless and regular citizens, unaware of the society's true inner beliefs. Within the very inner circle of this covert organization is crossover and interaction between Masonry and the Illuminati, with world dominance as the agenda.[5,6] Former high level mason William Schnoebelen, who attained the 33rd Degree while a practicing wiccan, also lays out in his 1991 book Masonry Beyond the Light some of the more sinister practices of the upper Freemasonry echelon.[11] Schnoebelen converted to Christianity and left Freemasonry due to the spiritual conflict it created within his heart and mind.
Enough of laying the groundwork. Let's take a look at the symbolism being utilized for the 2012 London Games.

Stay Away From my Grandson
Stay Away From my Grandson

Olympic Mascots

Wenlock and Mandeville are their benign-sounding names but they look like villains in a Wes Craven horror film. I wouldn't want my three-year-old grandson to encounter this disgusting duo for fear they would induce nightmares.[12] The two creatures ,according to Olympic organizers, were formed by drops of molten steel used to build the Olympic Stadium. To me, they are hideous, one-eyed representations which seem to detract from the festive atmosphere. Why do they have the single eye?
According to 2012 Olympic officials, Wenlock is based upon the British town of Much Wenlock (area inspiratonal for the modern Olympic Games) and the English city of Stoke Mandeville, where the Paralympics were founded for physically-challenged athletes. The London Olympic Committee Chairman, Lord Coe, described to the media how the mascots were designed specifically for their appeal to children(?) and with the digital age in mind. Many Brits have found the mascots to be controversial and confusing.[13]

Do These Pyramids Look Familiar?
Do These Pyramids Look Familiar?

Olympic Stadium Lights

In a previous passage within this article, I outlined the significance of the pyramid to the secretive Masonic and Illuminati societies. One glance at the light standards which circle the Olympic Stadium's rim, and tower above its top, and I quickly connected the two images.
The triangular sources of 'illumination' that will be featured in worldwide broadcasts to millions of viewers, and preserved forever in still photographs of the 2012 Games, bear a striking similarity to the Illuminati pyramid symbol. Why in the world would the organizers and architects have conceived of such a design? You, the reader, can draw your own conclusions.
Note: If you get a close up of the lights, the outline of an eye is visible within the overall bulb pattern. This can be seen in the first three YouTube videos referenced below. I could not locate any photos on the internet taken with a zoom of the lights to show you readers.
The final bit of symbolism I will explore surrounding the 2012 London Games is the logo. But first, we will explore some interesting background material on Zionist Jews.
Here's Another View
Here's Another View

Zionist Extremist Thought

There is a major distinction between most practicing Jews and the Zionist movement. According to the Torah (first five books of the Bible), Jews were forced to leave what is now Israel because they betrayed Yahweh God. The 12 Tribes were scattered all over the globe, and ordered under traditional Jewish law to peacefully assimilate into their respective host countries' societies and to respect their governing authorities.[14] Practitioners of the Jewish faith have been subjected to continuous and varied levels of distrust and persecution since that biblical dispersal.
In response to that harassment, the Zionist movement formed in the late 1800's. This small group of Jews believed in more of a nationalistic approach, rather than religious, and began to push for a Jewish homeland where all worldwide followers of Judaism could migrate to. They began moving this agenda slowly; using political, financial and media support on a path towards completing the objective.
In 1916 the Balfour Declaration was negotiated by members of the Warburg and Rothschild families with the British government. Both of those names were connected to the known Zionist movement. The First World War was in full swing at the time. The written and signed document basically was an agreement by the British Royal Family to eventually assist in the formation of a Jewish state. In exchange, the Warburgs and Rothschilds would peddle their influence in prodding the U.S. to join England's side against Germany and its allies during World War I.[14]
These events all played out through various mechanisms and the British government and military forcibly assisted in Israel's nationhood taking place, after an interruption by the Second World War, in 1948. Subsequently, millions of Jews immigrated from all over the world back to their Old Testament home.
Within Zionism, there is a small, yet very powerful, fringe group which allegedly also carry Illuminati inner circle powers.[5,6] Their ultimate goal is a one-world, single government entity which controls all aspects of the global population's lives. Jerusalem would have a very important role in this New Age phenomenon and this must be achieved for the Messiah to come, for the first time, in accordance with their doctrine.
According to conspiracy thinkers like Icke and Springmeier, this secret, extreme Zionist cabal already dictates world economic and food policy, controls presidents and prime ministers, and feeds the population filtered information and entertainment through the music, movie, sports and media industries.[5,6]
What does that have to do with the innocent, 2012 Olympic logo? Now let's take a peak at the correlation.
The Scrambled '2012' Logo Numbers
The Scrambled '2012' Logo Numbers

Olympic Logo

Soon after the 2012 London Olympic logo was released to the press, Iran- the country led by know anti-semite and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- protested and announced they may boycott the Games. Why? According to representatives of Ahmadinejad's regime, the scrambled, jagged figures within the logo don't form '2012', but rather the word 'zion'.[15]
When I first took a look at the Olympic logo, I was captivated by the dot gracing the symbol's center. Why does it have a dot in it? Where would a period be placed in the number 2012, which is what the jumbled 'numbers' supposedly represent?
Conceived in 2007, the 2012 Olympic logo was the design of the Wolff Olins firm.[15] Much like the creepy, one-eyed mascots, the logo created immediate controversy. The '2's' sure look just like 'Z's' and again, what is the dot for? Is this some covert message levied by secret societies using the London Games as their conduit?
New information: I just learned that the man who first unscrambled the logo's 'numbers' and determined they are actually letters spelling the word 'zion' did so in 2008, soon after the 2012 symbol was announced and provided to the public. He was a young (25 years old or so) British man named Rik Clay, and he was a student of secret societies and their symbolism in everyday logos, on the U.S. dollar bill, etc. Clay, who seemed in good spirits during interviews just subsequent to his logo revelation, allegedly committed suicide soon after coming out with his discovery. Check out the YouTube video Rik Clay & 2012- RIP 1/9.
In conclusion, coincidences are such until they keep occuring over and over again. Something does not feel right about the upcoming 2012 London Olympics, and I won't be able to get these thoughts out of my head even if I do tune in for the coverage. I guess we will know later on this year if the symbols bear any special meaning. Keep your eyes open for the truth. Here are the words from the poem entitled Jerusalem written by the famous British poet and artist William Blake during the 18th Century:
"I will not cease from mental fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, till we have built Jerusalem, in England's green and pleasant land."
Blake, in addition to being a well-known writer of his day, was also a strong advocate of the esoteric movement and an avowed Freemason. That craft was started in the 1300's in Scotland, and then moved into England where it is now based in London, by the Knights Templars; guardians of the secrets of Kabbalah as well as the treasures of King Solomon's Temple from the Holy City. Blake is further remembered for a painting he did of the Creator (God in the artist's mind?) reaching down from some sort of glowing object and holding a Masonic compass in His hand as earth is being molded.
Enjoy the 2012 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. They should be quite the eye openers.

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